The 13th Healthiest County in Cali

March 21, 2013—We liked it better when we were the 10th healthiest county in the state, which was last year. And we really liked it when we were 7th (the year before that). But 13th healthiest county in California, as ranked by the estimable Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, isn't too bad any way you look at it.

The rankings look at health outcomes—things like how many people die before they reach 75, how many underweight babies are born—and health factors, which include behaviors like smoking and inactivity, social factors like unemployment and violent crime, and health care issues like the availability of primary care physicians.

As the Sentinel reports, Marin was the healthiest county for the fourth year in a row. Whatever. Three other counties—San Luis Obispo, Colusa and Sonoma—improved their numbers and moved ahead of Santa Cruz.

When you look at the results, it's not like we suddenly stopped exercising or started smoking more or having heart attacks—although we did lurch in the wrong direction on the matter of sexually transmitted infections. It's just that we basically stayed where we were last year. To have a look for yourself, visit County Health Rankings.