Biking the Big Loop

Engelsmans Loop to Long Meadow Trail to Chinquapin Trail to Eucalyptus Loop to Wilder Ridge Loop (Overlook option)
9.3 miles; 2.5 hours

This route almost circumscribes the park. Follow directions for the Engelsman–Long Meadow Trail starting at the bottom, but instead of turning around once you reach the top, take a hairpin left on Chinquapin Trail and follow it through sandhill that gives way to a small scenic meadow and skirts oak woodland to arrive at a stand of massive eucalyptus, site of an old homestead. From here take Eucalyptus Loop to the right and follow it down through rolling hills (1.3 miles), passing the turn to Enchanted Loop. Follow the signs for Wilder Ridge Loop Trail, jogging left and passing the trailhead to Twin Oaks. This route, shorter than taking the right-hand branch of Wilder Ridge Loop, takes you along the top of the bluff to the Overlook (worth it). A fast sharp descent begins right after this through cool, pungent bay laurel; the trail levels out at the meadow with its occasional coast live oaks and a good-sized pond. The trail lets out at the horse corral. There’s a drinking fountain by the chicken coop on the parking lot side of the underpass.

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