Brat Patrol: Weekly Davenport Cleanups


By Traci Hukill

Aug. 13, 2013—Kudos to Save Our Shores for organizing weekly Sunday morning Xstream Cleanups at Beach Party Central—er, Davenport Beach. If they handed out prizes for tolerating the antics of the sub-adults of the species, this nonprofit and its dedicated volunteer base would win hands-down.

On a more or less weekly basis the beach is visited by beer-toting, Ecstasy-popping kiddies bent on having a back-to-nature experience without adult interference. All well and good, except evidently these kids missed the Crying Indian commercial, Woodsy Owl, news of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other notifications from the greater culture GOING BACK DECADES that littering sucks, because they leave their cigarette butts, busted bottles and other crap—100 to 300 pounds of it each week, according to this article in the Sentinel—strewn about their little sandbox.

SOS and its stewards are the moms who clean up after them. Bless them for their patience and perseverance. And the revelers may actually be getting the hint: sources in the article say they've noticed more garbage bags piled up next to the Dumpsters on Sunday mornings.

That's good news. If you want more of that, consider attending Save Our Shores' annual fundraiser, the Toast to The Coast gala on Aug. 25. It'll help them get the word out and maybe reach a few more juvenile homo sapiens about how to take care of the stuff they treasure.

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