Cabrillo Offers Solar Power Degree


March 5, 2013—Cabrillo College, long a leader among educational institutions in the sustainable-energy field, this week announced a new energy management program focused on solar energy and other renewables.

According to an article in today’s Sentinel, Cabrillo’s new energy program will allow students to earn a certificate, obtain an Associates degree, or transfer to a four-year program at a Cal State University campus.

Classes in the program will be offered through the Construction and Energy Management program, which is housed in Cabrillo’s $10 million Solari Green Tech Center in Watsonville.

This is just the latest in a series of ambitious moves toward green energy. In 2008, Cabrillo installed solar panels at its main campus in Aptos, in what was then the largest solar-power installation in Santa Cruz County.

Aside: Here is Joe Jordan from Cabrillo’s Construction and Energy department giving a rousing TEDx Talk on “Sky Power.”