Mountain Bike Access at UCSC: A Panel

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By Melissa Ott

You are invited to attend the “Forest Trails Talk: A Speaker Panel on Upper Campus Mountain Biking” at UC Santa Cruz on Wednesday, January 29 from 6pm-8pm in the Stevenson Event Center.

The purpose of the panel is to open a conversation about the illegal single track mountain bike trails on Upper Campus at UC Santa Cruz. It will be an opportunity to discuss why they are illegal and what the impact of this is on students, the UCSC Natural Reserve, and the mountain biking community in Santa Cruz. The event will include an opportunity for each panelist to share their perspective on the issue, as well as a question and answer session with the audience. 

Panelists will include:
• Will Curtis, Captain of the UC Santa Cruz Mountain Biking Team
• Drew Perkins, a member of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz
• Professor Chris Wilmers, a wildlife biologist and director of the Santa Cruz Puma Project, who has worked throughout the Santa Cruz mountains and with the Santa Cruz Land Trust on local conservation issues
• Alex Jones, the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve Steward
• Lono Barnes, firefighter with City of Santa Cruz Fire Department

Organizations can have a table with information about their work at the event. If your organization would like to table, please contact Melissa Ott at to reserve a space. Light refreshments will be served.

This event is being co-sponsored by Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, Stevenson Residential Life and Hilltromper. Click here for a map of the Stevenson Event Center on the UCSC campus. There is free parking in the East Remote Parking Lot, a 10-15 minute walk from the Event Center.


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I have seen garbage left in the woods by students drinking in the woods where we ride bikes. I took this photo on 11//9.


Neither is the forest a bar. On that we can agree.

Littering and bike riding in the upper campus are both terrible. Most people advocating bike riding in the upper campus did not have the chance to wander in the woods there before mountain bikes eroded the trails and roads. You simply have no idea what we have lost.