Horse Sense for Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers and equestrians really can get along, especially if bikers know a little about horse psychology.

by Hilltromper staff

Feb. 4, 2014—Horses spook. That's the first thing a mountain biker needs to know. This blog post from Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers tells a lot about the rest: how horses' status as prey animals determines almost everything about their psychology, especially their powerful flight instinct; how they can't see directly ahead; how to read a horse's ears when you're passing on the trail; and how to pass on the trail (with a vocal greeting ahead of time and, where appropriate, by pulling over and waiting on the downhill side of the trail).

As for what can go wrong between bikers and horses, well, there's this, as if Marin County needed more of this kind of trouble.

But it seems lots of mountain bikers are getting hip to the ponies. That's a good thing. SVMTB has held Romp 'n' Stomp rides combining bikers and equestrians in past years. Hm, we're seeing a Romp 'n' Stomp 'n' Tromp....