The Museum of Art & History Wants Your Art

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is asking for your submissions to its upcoming exhibit, Everybody's Ocean.

By Diane Terry

Oct. 16, 2014—If you’ve ever wanted to see your artwork hang on the wall at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, now’s your chance. The MAH's upcoming exhibition, Everybody’s Ocean, is all about the personal relationships that people form with the sea, the neighbor we all know and love.

The ocean covers a vast majority of our world, yet it holds secrets that even the wisest cannot uncover. For some, the ocean calls to their sense of adventure. For others, it’s the soothing therapy at the end of the day. The salty air evokes a feeling of home, the place of fond and distant memories. It’s the raw power of nature splashing against your skin. No matter what the bond, the sea holds a place in each and every one of our lives.

Visual artists from any media are encouraged to submit artwork, as long as you call Central/Northern California your home. What’s considered artwork? Well, as long as it comes with a way to hang on the wall and represents your personal relationship with the sea, it’s considered worthy. It can be anything—paintings, photographs, GoPro videos, even your toddler’s Crayola smears that somewhat resemble the beach. Seriously, get creative, people.

Everybody’s Ocean will run from December 19th, 2014 through April 19th, 2015, and will be split up into two exhibitions (the second starting in February 27th).

How to submit your oceanic masterpiece:

Step one
Let MAH Curator Justin Hoover know that you are interested by emailing (preferably attaching a picture of said masterpiece).

Step two
Schedule a drop-off time with the curator (list of times available here).

Step three
Get interviewed about your piece and your connection with the ocean (Interviews will be displayed as exhibit pieces or online).

To get the full lowdown on event details, click here.

Photo by oatsy40 on Flickr.