O'Neill Sea Odyssey

Instilling Love of the Ocean. What better way to foster a love of the ocean among schoolchildren than letting them experience it firsthand? Since 1996, O’Neill Sea Odyssey has been taking Central California schoolkids grades 4-6 out for day trips on the big O’Neill catamaran for hands-on lessons in marine biology, ecology and navigation. To date more than 70,000 kids, many of them from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, have directly experienced the ocean in a way few of them would have been able to otherwise.

Read about a Hilltromper outing with O'Neill Sea Odyssey.

Thank wetsuit innovator Jack O’Neill for having the vision to extend ocean stewardship beyond a narrow band of lucky communities at the coastline. In 2004 the program received the California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in Children’s Environmental Education, and in May 2005 Sen. Barbara Boxer awarded it her statewide Environmental Champion award.

OSO is based in the Santa Cruz harbor.

2222 East Cliff Dr., Suite 222
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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