Orion VE Waterproof

by Traci Hukill

Funny thing about birds, whales and other wildlife: they don't stop flying, breaching or hunting just because the weather turns. Keep up with your quarry with a pair of 8x36 VE Waterproof Compact binoculars from Orion. The rubber-armored design makes them easy to grip and impervious to fog, rain and sea spray, while their handy size—just 6 inches tall and 1.4 pounds—ensures that you won't balk at carrying them on long outings, or even to picturesque vacation destinations. (Imagine actually having your binoculars when you want them!) The BAK-4 porro prisms and 36mm objective lens size mean lots of light enters these puppies, so you get bright, crisp images. And you won't miss much with a 6.3 degree field of view.

A nice touch: the rubber lens caps are attached to the binocs. Who wants to be worrying about where the lens caps are stashed when there's an osprey on the wing or a glacier to inspect?

At $69.99, these tough little glasses are any wildlife lover's affordable dream. Learn more about them at Orion.