Save The Waves Coalition

Preserving the World's Surf Breaks, One Wave at a Time. It may not be immediately obvious, but waves are a precious natural resource: a good surf break stimulates ocean awareness for those who surf, and also creates a unique attraction for the local economy. Alas, some of the world’s best breaks have vanished forever due to coastal development.

Founded in 2003, Save The Waves Coalition has worked against these threats using a unique approach to protecting coastlines and surf through a combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action in their World Surfing Reserves, Surfonomics, and Endangered Waves programs.

Save the Waves' flagship program, World Surfing Reserves, has seen the successful addition of World Surfing Reserves in Santa Cruz, CA, Huanchaco, Peru, and Punta de Lobos, Chile to the map of globally protected surf spots.

"I've grown up here my whole life, and I've surfed these waves up and down these streets and I didn't realize how special they were until I travelled the whole entire world. There is no other place in the world like Santa Cruz, there truly isn't," said local surf legend Ken "Skindog" Collins of Santa Cruz, at the ceremony.

In November of 2009, Save the Waves Coalition held its first annual film festival at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco. The film festival has since grown into a national tour that includes stops in LA, Brooklyn, and San Francisco and features films highlighting threats to coastlines around the world and more importantly, the actions being undertaken to counteract them.

Contact Save the Waves Coalition at:

PO Box 183, Davenport, CA 95017

Visit the Save the Waves website for more information on their latest endeavors.

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