Save the Whales

Crusading for the World's Endangered Cetaceans. The phenomenon of whales and dolphins saving human beings has been recorded since early times. So it is only natural that we humans return the favor. Founded in 1977, Save the Whales is dedicated to educating children and adults about the life cycle, migration patterns, and the environment of marine mammals.The organization stresses that the 1986 ban on whaling, although it helped to deter the direct slaughter of these creatures, does not protect them from pollution, captures, bombings or killings—they still need our help.

Over the past 25 years, Save the Whales has worked tirelessly, and their successes include preventing the detonation of 269 Navy “Ship Shock” explosives in waters off of Southern California, halting salt mining in San Ignacio Lagoon (the last undeveloped birthing lagoon for gray whales in the world), and supporting a rescue boat operation off of the coast of Southern California for whales found entangled in fishing nets.

Contact Save the Whales at:

1192 Waring Street
Seaside, CA 93955

Plunder the Save the Whales website for endless whale facts, folklore, and resources.

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