Skyline to Sea Reservation Line Opens

March 8, 2013—As of this morning, Big Basin State Park is taking trail camp reservations for the 2013 backcountry season. So if hiking the 35-mile Skyline to the Sea Trail is on your summer wish list, now's the time to start planning.

State parks will take reservations up to 60 days in advance for its 9 backcountry trail camps (today, for example, they're taking reservations for May 1-2). That means you have plenty of time to scheme, plot and cajole some friends into joining your merry little midsummer venture. The trip takes most people three days and two nights and, while ultimately a downhill affair, requires you to be in decent shape. (Wouldn't do to have the vultures circling.) On the trail you'll see fascinating rock formations, huge vistas, some of the tallest trees on earth, beautiful creeks, some of which have swimming holes, and three waterfalls. You'll be able to leave you car parked at Castle Rock State Park. We recommend having a friend come pick you up at Rancho del Oso, on Highway 1, on the third day, since there isn't a good place to leave a car there.

The reservations number is 831.338.8861. Learn more at the Big Basin Backcountry Trail Camps page. And happy trails!