Surfrider Foundation

Where Surfing Meets Politics. On a mission to protect oceans, surf breaks and beaches, the Surfrider Foundation has gotten more than just its feet wet since 1984. Over the years they've led political campaigns to resist offshore drilling, stop seismic surveys that harm marine life and urged Congress not to cut funding for water quality monitoring on beaches nationwide.

The Santa Cruz Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is  ambitious, currently tackling local issues like a planned desalination plant, outlawing Styrofoam take-out containers (check out their list of approved restaurants), banning the single-use plastic bag in Santa Cruz County, storm drain stenciling and combing the beaches for trash on a monthly basis.

The Santa Cruz Chapter office is at:

2222 E Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

To get involved, check out the Surfrider Foundation website and find the chapter nearest to you.

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