Terra Nova's Indiegogo Push Ends Tuesday

Tuesday, Dec. 16 is the last day that people will be able to help Terra Nova Landscaping bring back bicycle-powered landscaping.

For more than 20 years Terra Nova landscapers pedaled around town towing trailers full of tools, implementing permaculture designs, creating edible landscapes and building food forests.

"Tread Lightly was an authentic, profoundly ecological approach to landscape care," Foster says, "and the Santa Cruz community saw the service as a local symbol of innovation and hope."

Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping continues its good work today, installing water catchment and graywater systems, drought tolerant landscapes, and providing low-impact landscape care service. But the Tread Lightly service, never a big profit maker, was discontinued two years ago. The equipment had aged and deteriorated, and it was hard to justify buying new trailers and bikes.

Ken, along with friends and sponsors, is asking the community to help bring this valuable service back online. Check out the video above. And if you agree that this is a cool thing, visit Terra Nova's Indiegogo page, check out the cool perks, and donate!