The Old Cabin Classic Returns

The Old Cabin Classic is back! The second annual, best ever, mountain bike race in Santa Cruz returns to Wilder Ranch State Park this year on May 13.

March 17, 2016—Ladies and gents, start your engines. And by engines, I mean legs. Mountain bike racing is back in Santa Cruz. After a 23-year hiatus Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC), in association with Wilder Ranch State Park, is proud to present the Old Cabin Classic on May 13th.

Named after the Old Cabin Trail at Wilder Ranch, this cross-country race will take 250 competitors of all ages, skills, and genders through some of the most beautiful single-track trails Santa Cruz County has to offer. Whether you’ve yet to be blooded in a race or you’re one of the pros battling for cash prizes, the Old Cabin Classic is primed to slake that competitive thirst.

Mountain biking is as popular as ever, but prime trails are hard to come by. “There’s not a lot of legal mountain biking in Santa Cruz,” says Matt De Young, MBOSC’s trail and business manager. Wilder Ranch is a haven, though; all its trails are multi-use, and MBOSC wants to celebrate that fact. The race is a benefit for the state park, with proceeds going directly to trail development.

“The goal is to highlight Wilder Ranch State Park and show the State Parks that mountain bikers are responsible,” says De Young. “We can build trails, hold events, and are contributing members of the community.”

After a winter of heavy rains, MBoSC has been hard at work with the help of countless volunteers getting the WIlder Ranch trails in primo shape for the race and upcoming season.

The event features an 11-mile loop and 5 competitive groupings: 1 lap for beginners, 2 laps for the open and sport categories, and 3 laps for experts and pros. Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category, but only the pros are riding for cash prizes.

Given the local landscape, it’s surprising that Santa Cruz County has gone without cross country mountain bike racing for so long, but MBOSC wants to change that. “We hope to make it a yearly event that benefits Wilder Ranch State Park,” says de Young. “It’ll be real fun, and not just for racers. It’s going to be a family event.”

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In addition to the race, the Old Cabin Classic will have plenty to satisfy spectators. A kid’s race and skills zone will be available for fledgling trail shredders. An expo center will feature local sponsors, including title sponsor FOX and other local bike companies. In the vendor's area, local artisans will be selling their wares and art, Verve will be keeping everyone caffeinated, and New Bohemia Brewing Company will be pouring beer, including the Old Cabin IPA, whether you win, lose, or just want to cheer on the racers.

In an homage to the legends of the Santa Cruz bike scene, there will be a Bike Museum showcasing some awesome vintage bikes, from local frame builders, local bike companies, and local characters.

Whether you’re planning to race, watch, or both, the Old Cabin Classic is set to reinvigorate a lost portion of Santa Cruz culture. “It’s great to hear people so excited about it,” says De Young. “They are almost disbelieving.” Leave that disbelief behind you like so much dust on the trail. This race is real and it’s happening.

More information can be found at the Old Cabin Classic website.


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