Eco News

Finally, A Bike Path Through Arana Gulch

The bike path through Arana Gulch is made of pervious concrete.

After more than 20 years, two lawsuits and countless meetings regarding its master plan, one of the most hotly contested projects in recent Santa Cruz history has come to fruition.

Putting the Fun in Phenology

This darling child only looks like a forest sprite. In fact she's a climate scientist making important discoveries. Public domain photo.

The much-loved tradition of watching the seasons change has become critical for documenting how plants and animals respond to climate change. Do it with new friends at the Arboretum and possibly contribute to great discoveries!

Rock Solid Map App

Austin Riba made GraniteMaps Santa Cruz for fun. Some 1,300 apps were downloaded within a few weeks of its launch.

GraniteMaps is a clear and reliable way for mountain bikers and hikers to explore Wilder Ranch and UCSC's upper campus.

Local Survival Expert Stars in Nat Geo Show

The voice of Cliff Hodges of Adventure Out guides participants through grueling challenges in Remote Survival, premiering Jan. 11 on the National Geographic Channel.

They Did It!

Laurel Curve will soon see traffic of another variety. Land Trust photo.

With a $1 million fundraising goal 85 percent met, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has moved to fulfill a key condition of Caltrans' plan to construct a wildlife crossing under Highway 17.

Into The Wild

Wilderness first aid instructor Mike Stahlman demonstrates how to stabilize a patient's upper body. Photo courtesy Mike Stahlman.

Wilderness first aid instructor Mike Stahlman teaches students what to do when backcountry adventures go wrong.

The King Tides Are Coming!

Classic King Tide shot from West Cliff in December 2012. Note the expanse of exposed seabed. Hilltromper photo.

Help researchers peer into a future of rising sea levels by contributing photos to the California King Tides Project Dec. 21-23.

Terra Nova's Indiegogo Push Ends Tuesday

Tuesday, Dec. 16 is the last day that people will be able to help Terra Nova Landscaping bring back bicycle-powered landscaping. For more than 20 years Terra Nova landscapers pedaled around town towing trailers full of tools, implementing permaculture designs, creating edible landscapes and building food forests.

Coming Storm: A River in the Sky

The storm about to slam into Santa Cruz apparently is an “Atmospheric River,” and apparently an ”Atmospheric River” is a thing—there’s even an acronym widely used in meteorological circles.

Protecting Goats and Lions

Chickens, pigs and baby goats in the Santa Cruz Mountains need to be protected from mountain lions and other predators.

Mountain lions get shot for following their instinct to predate. Protecting our small animals can help save the pumas.