Eco News

Capitola All In for Bicycle Pump Track

Tomek Smuga-Otto works a line at the newly opened Scotts Valley pump track. Photo by Maciej Smuga-Otto.

Most pump tracks are community-driven projects. This one is a little different.

State Parks Winter Closures

Seasonal bridges come down for the winter in Nisene Marks, but Aptos Creek is often passble anyway. Hilltromper photo.

The times are a-changin’ as autumn descends upon us. Keep on top of seasonal changes to your favorite state parks!

Partial Solar Eclipse This Thursday

Partial solar eclipse on Jan. 30, 2014 as seen from space. NASA image.

Look sharp at 3:17pm, when the earth moves through the moon's shadow, covering almost half of the sun.

Wilder Ranch 40th Birthday

The Bolcoff Adobe, the oldest building at Wilder, dates back to 1840.

On Oct. 25, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks throws a party for Wilder Ranch State Park, a jewel of a park that almost became a sprawling subdivision.

Santa Cruz Water Convention Goes Online

Yesterday concluded the first ever Water Supply Ideas Convention, where over 400 people came together to review over 50 citizen submitted proposals for how to solve the Santa Cruz water crisis. However, the event only marked the beginning of the public participation phase because for the next two weeks members of the community can go online to rate the proposals

Bring Back Bike-Powered Landscaping!

A Timber Harvest Plan for SVR

San Vicente Redwoods photo by William K. Matthias.

The light-touch timber harvesting plan announced today by Sempervirens Fund and POST strives to manage the redwood forest with an eye toward ecological and economic sustainability.

The Museum of Art & History Wants Your Art

Painting on a jetty, while not required, looks like a pretty good technique for the submission.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is asking for your submissions to its upcoming exhibit, Everybody's Ocean.

Land Trust Honors Scientists

Hikers enjoy the scenery on a Star Creek Ranch Adventure day. Hilltromper photo.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County awards Conservationist of the Year honors to Dr. Jodi McGraw and Dr. Chris Wilmers for their work on the Highway 17 wildlife crossing and other conservation projects.

Google Trekker Captures California State Parks

Many of the California state parks Google has photographed with its Street View Trekker, including Point Lobos State Reserve, are in or around Big Sur.

The latest Google team isn’t in Silicon Valley. You’re more likely to spot them wearing hiking boots and backpacks equipped with soccer ball-shaped technological contraptions.