Eco News

The Return of Mole & Mariachis

The mojiganga dancers, which wowed crowds last year, return again for the 2nd Annual Mole and Mariachis Festival on Sept. 20. Photo courtesy Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks.

Tradition reigns supreme at the 2nd Annual Mole and Mariachis Festival, Sept. 20.

San Vicente Redwoods Access Plan: Round 1

The Land Trust is accepting comments on the draft SVR access plan through Oct 10. Email Map courtesy Land Trust of Santa Cruz County.

The first draft of the San Vicente Redwoods access plan is out, with good news for mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians—and a lot fewer dogs in its future than you might think.

Wilderness Act 50th Anniversary Fun Facts

The "Window" seen from the Ventana Doublecone peak in the Ventana Wilderness. Photo by Jim Bowles.

On the golden anniversary of the Wilderness Act, some fun facts about America's wildest lands.

The Geologist And The Case of The Scotts Valley Ruins

Prof. emeritus Robert Garrison and historian Frank Perry next to the largest remaining "Ruins" chimney. Photo courtesy Hilde Schwartz.

Mysterious rock formations in the Santa Cruz Mountains inspired early tales of lost treasure and gold. UCSC geologist Hilde Schwartz investigated and found evidence of natural wonders at work.

Calling All Mole Chefs

Home cooks, the Mole and Mariachis Festival is calling your name!  Entries for the mole competition are due Aug. 29. Photo by Hilltromper.

This year the Mole and Mariachi Festival, happening Sept. 20 at the Mission Adobe in Santa Cruz, is opening the mole competition to home cooks. Applications are due Aug. 29.

El Nino And Monterey Bay Geek Page

NASA image of Kelvin waves (in red) moving eastward from Indonesia toward South America.

Nerd out on how the advent of El Nino (which now looks like less of a sure thing) stirred up warming Kelvin waves and quelled our usual summer winds—and is making trouble for Monterey Bay.

The Summer of Crazy

Humpback whales are crowding close to shore this summer in search of food.  Photo courtesy Surfrider Foundation/Amber Jones.

Whales. Dead fish. Green beaches. WTF, Monterey Bay?

Sandhills Preserve Expands

The Santa Cruz Wallflower, a member of the mustard family, is found exclusively in Sandhills Parkland, only 240 acres of which remain undeveloped. Photo by Peigi McCann.

With its latest purchase of rare Santa Cruz sandhills habitat, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County expands the Randall Morgan Sandhills Preserve to 200 acres.

Mosquitoes, Birds And Farms

If West Nile reached the Hawaiian islands, birds like the i'iwi could be hit hard. Photo by A. Marm Kilpatrick near Hawaii Volcanoes NP, Big Island.

Exploring the spread of West Nile virus.

Murrelet Stars at Wings Over The Basin

Shy and small, the marbled murrelet lives most of its life at sea but nests in old-growth redwoods and Douglas firs.

The endangered seabird has found a friend in Big Basin.