Eco News

How to Save The Sea Otters

Fifth graders from Watsonville's Ann Soldo Elementary School help O'Neill Sea Odyssey instructor Celia Lara collect a seawater sample for examination. All photos by Hilltromper.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey takes kids on a marine science adventure that sticks.

Graywater Clarified

A diverter near the washing machine allows you to send used water from "laundry to landscape"—a wise conservation trend.

Graywater is one of the wisest strategies for maximizing water conservation.

Teaching Kids About Science via PORTS

PORTS instructor Vonnie Lempke, right, delivers a videoconferenced lesson about butterflies to a second-grade classroom from a makeshift studio at Seacliff State Beach. The "L" and "R" signs help Lempke, standing off-camera, navigate the green screen as a TV meteorologist does.

With support from Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks and other nonprofits, the award-winning PORTS program helps California students learn science via distance learning.

Warriors Clean Up at Seabright

After the heavy lifting comes the care and feeding of fans. A Warriors player signs autographs at the March 15 Seabright beach cleanup. Photo by Alexa Lomberg.

The Santa Cruz Warriors traded in their jerseys for bright yellow “I [heart] Clean Beaches” shirts Saturday.

First River Forum Divided Over Paddling

Sticky notes on a poster depicting the Estuarine Reach of the river at the March 5 San Lorenzo River Community Forum. Similar meetings follow on March 24 and May 12.

The outlines of a debate over the future of the San Lorenzo River started forming at Wednesday's forum, with part of the crowd prioritizing habitat improvement and others emphasizing greater human engagement through recreation and commerce.

Greg King: History of Redwoods

In 1987, Greg King spent a week in a tree in the All Species Grove, one of the ancient redwood groves within Headwaters Forest. King said, “Those spiky branches almost killed me when I careened toward them on the traverse at 20 mph, only the ascent at the other side of the ride slowing and therefore saving me." Photo courtesy Greg King.

The activist who led the struggle against Maxxam, the Fortune 500 company bent on clearcutting the Headwaters Forest in the late 1990s, reads from his forthcoming book 'The Ghost Forest.'

Bringing Science Class to Life

The Shape of Life online video series makes cutting-edge science available to teachers for free.

Monterey Bay Aquarium co-founder Nancy Burnett turns her groundbreaking PBS series into a classroom tool.

Titans of Climate Research at UCSC

Pioneering atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon and climatologist Michael Mann deliver key lectures at this weekend's climate change conference at UCSC.

Lessons from the science wars by climatologists Susan Solomon and Michael Mann at this weekend's climate change conference.

State Parks Needs YOU

You could be spending your free Saturdays here.

Volunteer opportunities at Santa Cruz area state parks.

Is Monterey Bay Radioactive?

This image is being shared widely as evidence that dangerous levels of radiation from Fukushima have arrived on the West Coast. The map actually shows wave dispersal from the tsunami that  was partly responsible for the nuclear plant's breakdown.

Two projects that should inject some sanity into the occasionally hysterical public conversation about the Fukushima nuclear disaster—and help raise our overall scientific IQ.