Eco News

Update: Migration Festival Moving Indoors

It's all but certain to rain tomorrow, but that won't stop the party at Natural Bridges.

Puma Crossing Clears Key Hurdle

In a key step toward building a passage for mountain lions and other wildlife beneath Highway 17, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has finalized the purchase of 10 acres on the east side of the highway near Laurel Curve.

A Migration Festival for The Books

A monarch butterfly on coyote brush. Photo by Mike Baird on Flickr.

On Feb. 8, the "mini Galapagos" of Natural Bridges celebrates the butterflies, birds, whales and other creatures that sojourn through Monterey Bay.

Hope for Solutions at Trails Talk

Panelists at the Forest Trails Talk Jan. 29. Left to right, Lono Barnes of Santa Cruz Fire Dept, Alex Jones of Campus Natural Reserve and Will Curtis, captain of the UCSC mountain biking team. Hilltromper photo.

A movement to legalize mountain biking trails at Upper UCSC and rein in environmental degradation began to take shape at the Jan. 29 panel discussion.

Survey: Mountain Bikers and Upper UCSC

But Who Are We Really? A new survey, while not scientific, offers some insights.

A peek into who's riding and how often.

Dog And Pony Show

What will the People say they want allowed at Cemex? Only time will tell.

Early results from Cemex access surveys suggest dogs and horses could become points of contention.

Farewell to The Bird Lady

The tireless Molly Richardson at work in her office. Photo from

"It's really nice when you put time into raising them and open your hand and they fly," said Molly Richardson, "and then other times you have to choose whether they live or die. And that’s very hard."

Brown Declares Drought

Gov. Jerry Brown in a 2010 photo by Neon Tommy/Wikimedia Commons.

On Jan. 17, earlier than originally anticipated, Gov. Jerry Brown for the second time in his career declared a drought emergency in California.

Food and Fun Rank High Among River Supporters

Food trucks on the levee? Maybe it could happen. Hilltromper photo.

And the winners of the straw poll survey of what folks want on the new and improved San Lorenzo River are: recreational access close to the rivermouth, food trucks and restaurants between the Water and Laurel street bridges, and interpretive signage between the Water Street Bridge and Highway 1.

High Pressure Air Mass Looms Over California

NOAA image showing the air mass, dubbed "the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge." It's been in place for 13 months.

For the majority of California cities, last year was the driest year on record. The problem? “A mountain in the atmosphere,” as one forecaster describes it.