Eco News

Protected Coastal Prairie Transferred to Landless Tribe

Coastal prairie is rich in native grass species. California Native Grassland Association photo.

The partnership between the Amah Mutsun Tribe and Sempervirens Fund will keep 96 acres of coastal prairie near Costanoa Lodge under a conservation easement.

A Water Quality Snapshot

Like a pixel in a bigger picture, Snapshot Day offers a limited but valuable look at the health of our watersheds. Hilltromper photo.

"How is our water doing?" asks Coastal Watershed Council Executive Director Greg Pepping. "The answer is always a mixed bag. In some cases we have pretty pristine water. In some places, it’s pretty dirty.”

In The Demo Flow

A mountain biker gets airborne. Mountain bikers have long thought sustainable trails might be boring trails. Bell press photo.

Soquel Demonstration bike trail project aims for sustainability

Green Light for Twin Lakes Plan

Rendering of the Twin Lakes State Beach improvements.

In an extraordinarily sensible last-minute move, the staff of the California Coastal Commission has withdrawn its objection to a key piece of the county’s Twin Lakes Beach - East Cliff Drive Plan.

The Great White Debate

A great white shark cruises the tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photo by Brocken Inaglory/Creative Commons.

Local and national groups want Shark Week superstars protected.

Patagonia's Clean Green Wetsuit

It's possible that the material for your next wetsuit will have sprouted from the Arizona desert.

Birding Student, Birding Teacher

Retired UCSC professor and legendary local birder Todd Newberry points to the silken strands of an orb-weaving spider's creation.

Some birders sit still for hours, waiting for nesting parents to return. Others competitively catalogue birds. Todd Newberry practices the art of deliberate observation.

NRDC: Noisy Oceans Harming Wildlife

A minke whale enjoys some frickin peace and quiet. Photo by Marc Fueg/Creative Commons.

You know that feeling of frustration when you can’t talk to your buddy at a really loud bar? Imagine that clamor following you around, disrupting everyday conversations and fundamentally altering daily communication.

The Great Crab Pot Caper

Benthoctopus on Monterey Bay ocean floor

The crab pots were a hit with the kids on O'Neill Sea Odyssey, then they vanished. Help bring back the enchantment!

Powerful Friend to Fisheries Formed

fishing boat on the water

With help from Santa Cruz-based FishWise, a group of major seafood suppliers is investing in sustainable fisheries projects.