Eco News

Seagull Surge

California gull with mouth open

California gulls are damaging airplanes, defecating on people en masse and devouring the offspring of endangered birds.

Kickstarter Project to Fund Newt Film

California newt spawning ball

Charismatic megafauna? Whatever. Filmmaker Lance Milbrand has other ideas.

UCSC Researchers Have a Mountain Lion Kitten

Mountain lion kitten known as '40F' in the arms of a researcher from the Santa Cruz Puma Project. Photo by Yiwei Wang.

The Santa Cruz Puma Project will study human impact on newborn cougars.

The New Big Bang Theory

Illustration by Dana Berry for National Geographic

UCSC's Rob Irion and the making of a National Geographic cover story.

Beach Cleanup Results

Outreach to July 4 beachgoers and the strategic placement of Dumpsters on key heavily visited beaches seem to have paid off in the fight against holiday beach pollution.

The State of Santa Cruz Beaches

Moran Lake Beach/26th Avenue Beach in Santa Cruz, California

If you want to splash in pristine waters this summer, head to Sunny Cove, Pleasure Point, Sunset State Beach, or Lighthouse State Beach (better known by its nickname, Its Beach).

The Cleanest Beaches in Santa Cruz County

Its Beach in Santa Cruz, California

Dive on in, ocean lovers. These 10 beaches scored high marks on the Natural Resources Defense Council's annual water survey.

This is Hilltromper!

The nature-worshiping, fun-loving outdoor adventurer's guide.

Apple's New Operating System Named for Nor Cal's Big Wave

Craig Federighi at Apple WWDC 2013

Mavericks is first OS to honor "places that inspire us."

Save Our Shores Launches Beachkeepers Program

Expect more Beachkeepers signs like this one around Santa Cruz County. Photo courtesy Save Our Shores.

Save Our Shores looks to everyday efforts by citizens to keep neighborhood beaches pristine—and maybe help identify their next campaign.