Eco News

Whale Crossing

A humpback whale breaching near San Francisco. Photo courtesy of NOAA.

New maritime policy will protect endangered whales off California's coast.

Keeley: Ocean Politics

Santa Cruz County Treasurer Fred Keeley. Photo from Ocean Spaces Videos.

If you've ever wondered why you should care about Marine Protected Areas, watch this video of Santa Cruz County Treasurer and former Assemblymember Fred Keeley at the State of the California Central Coast symposium in late February.

Will Work for Serenity

Wouldn't complain ending the day here after work! Photo by Steven Harper on Flickr.

March 27, 2013—Ever since we learned about the Tassajara Work Period, we can think of little else. From April 5 until April 26, the rustic Big Sur retreat opens its gates to anyone who wants to trade six-and-a-half hours of work per day for room, board and all the quality hot bath soaking time you can handle.

Butterfly Down U.S.A.

Adult monarch butterflies live on nectar from a number of different kinds of flowers, but larvae need milkweed. Creative Commons photo.

March 27, 2013—Mexico's overwintering monarchs aren't the only ones struggling.

How to Fix State Parks

Henry Cowell Redwood State Park Pipeline Road. Hilltromper photo.

March 25, 2013—Cull the herd and make the rest more profitable, says a new report that's bound to make waves.


Video: John Griffith and Dave Boehne at Steamer Lane.

The 13th Healthiest County in Cali

Some ladies and a dog working on their fitness at New Brighton SB. Hilltromper photo.

March 21, 2013—We liked it better when we were 10th. Still: congratulations, us!

Obama: $2B for Clean Auto Research

a car at a solar-driven charging station. Photo courtesy of Nissan.

March 15, 2013—Profits from federal oil and gas leases will fund the Energy Security Trust.

Skyline to Sea Reservation Line Opens

View of hills and a trail on Skyline to the Sea Trail. Hilltromper photo.

March 8, 2013—As of this morning, Big Basin State Park is taking trail camp reservations for the 2013 backcountry season. So if hiking the 35-mile Skyline to the Sea Trail is on your summer wish list, now's the time to start planning.

A Santa Cruz Power Authority?

Solar panels in Santa Cruz. Hilltromper photo.

March 6, 2013—A new sustainable energy model is gathering steam in these parts. Santa Cruz County yesterday inched closer to an important study of Community Choice Aggregation.