Eco News

Solar Lighthouse

The Lighthouse soaks in it's last rays of the day. Photo by Jun on Flickr.

March 3, 2013—Sandbar Solar and Electric, a local company that's been installing commercial and residential systems here and throughout the state since 2004, uses an image of Lighthouse Point on its website and in its other materials.

Cabrillo Offers Solar Power Degree

The Solari Tech Center at Cabrillo. Photo by Morin Corporation.

March 5, 2013—Cabrillo College this week announced a new energy management program focused on solar energy and other renewables.

New Half Dome Lottery Opens

Hikers on the Half Dome cables at Yosemite. Photo by Daniel Schwen on Creative Commons.

March 3, 2013—So you're planning on hiking Half Dome this summer. Awesome! But you'd better kiss up to Lady Luck, because a new lottery system for climbing the Yosemite landmark is coming to town, and it's only open for the month of March.

Sequester Dings National Parks

View of Yosemite Valley with Half Dome and El Capitan. Photo from Creative Commons.

Feb. 27, 2013—The nation’s 398 national parks generate $30 billion in economic activity annually. So why would anyone want to feed those cash cows less hay?

Batteries R Us

Tesla S electric car parked in Santa Cruz. Hilltromper photo.

Feb. 26, 2013—A Bay Area partnership is launching a 'Battery University' to make extra sure you never have to push your Tesla S home.

Local Group Helps Win Endangered Species Battle

Island Night Lizard. Photo courtesy of US Navy.

Feb. 22, 2013—The island night lizard, listed as “threatened” on the Endangered Species List, is thriving for the first time in decades, thanks in part to the Santa Cruz-based group Island Conservation.

Chu: Budget Stalemate Could Cripple Clean Energy Efforts

Dr. Steven Chu — Energy Secretary. Photo by Charles Watkins/Energy Department.

Feb. 19, 2013—The Obama Administration’s outgoing energy secretary says the so-called sequestration could seriously impede the nation’s efforts to shift to a sustainable energy economy.

Political Science: Happy Darwin Day!

Charles Darwin, a great man of science, finally gets a day dedicated to him.

Feb. 12, 2013—As nature nerds and their allies celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin, the man who made the most important scientific breakthrough of all time, a bill in Congress seeks to make Feb. 12 a national holiday.

Killer Kitties

Black cat looks up from eating a bird on a carpet. Photo by Mark Marek.

Jan. 30, 2013—Is Fluffy's feline tribe an invasive species laying waste to native animal populations? Definitely—and a new study shows the carnage is much worse than previously thought. Read more.

High-Tech Gray Wolf Roams NorCal

OR-7 gives his best "Blue Steel" look. Photo by Gary Kramer from Fish & Wildlife Svc.

Jan. 6, 2013 — He’s the Magellan of the wolf world—a young male gray wolf who left his northern Oregon home territory to light out for southern climes, defying his species' behavioral norms and confounding state and federal authorities.