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Citizen Science and the Monarch Butterfly: The Milkweed Mapping Project

Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed by Stephanie McKnight/Xerces

The fight to save the Monarch Butterflies just got a new weapon. You.

The Elephant Seals of Ano Nuevo State Park

The Story of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. A Fight for Protection.

The Big Sur Coast. Part of the Protected Sanctuary. CC0 Public Domain

Next time you look upon the beautiful coastline here in California, make sure you say thanks. It was not without a fight that you get to enjoy this beautiful piece of the earth the way it is.

Science Spotlight: Offshore Faults

A map of offshore fault lines across Monterey Bay reveals where future earthquakes might happen. Courtesy Gary Greene/Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

The waters of Monterey Bay may obscure potential dangers. Far below the surface are seismically active faults that could be the site of offshore earthquakes in the bay.

Cotoni–Coast Dairies National Monument: A Good Thing

Hilltromper photo

The campaign to create the Cotoni–Coast Dairies National Monument came to a storybook ending on Jan. 12 when Pres. Barack Obama issued the proclamation three days before Martin Luther King’s birthday.

J. Nichols: National Monument a ‘No-Brainer’

J. Nichols' Blue Marble movement has distributed more than a million little reminders  that life on earth is precious and fragile.

The North Coast scientist, author and ocean advocate calls for designation of Coast Dairies as a national monument.

Remembering Scott Peden

Scott Peden leading a nature walk at Rancho del Oso.

Like a gentle modern mountain man, the longtime docent delighted many with his knowledge of nature and his enthusiasm for Waddell Creek and Big Basin.

Groups Fund Rangers for San Vicente Redwoods

San Vicente Redwoods (outlined). Map of Santa Cruz County open spaces courtesy Land Trust.

Environmental groups team up with Santa Cruz County to fund public safety and education at the 8,500-acre San Vicente Redwoods property, opening in 2018.

Science Spotlight: Banana Slug Slime

A banana slug shows off its slime in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Photo by Sarah McQuate.

Spiky proteins called mucins allow banana slugs to crawl over all kinds of ground cover.

Science Spotlight: Marine Terraces

An aerial view reveals several marine terraces above Wilder Beach and in Wilder Ranch State Park. Photo by Gary Griggs.

Inland of Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, the sculpted landscape rises in living testimony to the power of geologic forces.