Adventure Out

Adventure Out's Jack Harrison

Jack Harrison has helped Adventure Out expand its survival and wilderness skills classes.

When he talks about the wilderness and indigenous skills like fire-starting and flint-knapping, Jack Harrison’s tone blends harsh honesty and reflective eloquence. “There aren’t any do-overs in the wild,” he says.

Stoked on Nature

Wilderness survival instructor Jack Harrison coaxes a flame from a ball of tinder during an Adventure Out class in early April.

Wilderness survival instructor Jack Harrison teaches connection with the earth and humankind's ancient ways.

Surfing With The Island Girl

Nina Ke'alohi Dodge schooling everybody in the lineup. Photo courtesy Nina Ke'alohi Dodge.

A surf lesson with Hawaii-born surf instructor Nina Ke'alohi Dodge gets students in touch with the power of the ocean.

Adventure Out!

Cliff Hodges is psyched to help people learn to have the kind of fun he had growing up in Santa Cruz.