Message from The Chickadee

Chickadees are truth tellers in Indian mythology and knucklehead whisperers in modern California. Photo by Ingrid Taylar on Flickr.

"Der," thought I when the chickadee had finished. "The birds are thirsty!"

Brown Declares Drought

Gov. Jerry Brown in a 2010 photo by Neon Tommy/Wikimedia Commons.

On Jan. 17, earlier than originally anticipated, Gov. Jerry Brown for the second time in his career declared a drought emergency in California.

High Pressure Air Mass Looms Over California

NOAA image showing the air mass, dubbed "the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge." It's been in place for 13 months.

For the majority of California cities, last year was the driest year on record. The problem? “A mountain in the atmosphere,” as one forecaster describes it.

Parched Like Never Before

Don't worry. This isn't a Santa Cruz County image ... yet. Photo by Jussarian/Creative Commons.

In case you haven't picked up on this, 2013 was the driest year on record in Santa Cruz County. And there's no rain in sight.