marine conservation

Ocean Steward Art Contest Winners

Detail from Brisa Arias's grand prize-winning depiction of the land-sea connection. Brisa is a fourth-grader at Mintie White in Watsonville.

The winning entries of O'Neill Sea Odyssey's Spring 2014 Ocean Steward Art Contest are the cutest darn things we ever did see. Smart, too.

The Save The Whales App

A container ship passes close to a whale. NOAA photo.

The new Spotter Pro app turns iPhones into instruments of cetacean protection.

How to Save The Sea Otters

Fifth graders from Watsonville's Ann Soldo Elementary School help O'Neill Sea Odyssey instructor Celia Lara collect a seawater sample for examination. All photos by Hilltromper.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey takes kids on a marine science adventure that sticks.

Plastic Trash Art

Judith and Richard Lang have been turning beach trash into art for more than 20 years. They will be at the Sanctuary Exploration Center Wednesday evening.

Judith and Richard Lang are piecing together a beautiful solution to plastic pollution on beaches, one Capri Sun straw at a time.

The Great Crab Pot Caper

Benthoctopus on Monterey Bay ocean floor

The crab pots were a hit with the kids on O'Neill Sea Odyssey, then they vanished. Help bring back the enchantment!

Powerful Friend to Fisheries Formed

fishing boat on the water

With help from Santa Cruz-based FishWise, a group of major seafood suppliers is investing in sustainable fisheries projects.