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Elkhorn Slough Pollution Prompts Petition

Aerial view showing the Pick-n-Pull's proximity to Elkhorn Slough. Photo by Joel Avila/Hawkeye Aerial Photography.

Last winter, the Ecological Rights Foundation tested stormwater flowing into Elkhorn Slough from the nearby Pick-n-Pull and found lead and copper in the runoff. Now it wants Monterey County officials to overturn the auto dismantling facility’s recent 10-year permit renewal, citing danger to sea otter pups and other Slough inhabitants.

2014 Coastal Cleanup Day Results

Girl Scouts San Jose pitched in to help clean up Seabright Beach at this year's Coastal Cleanup Day. Photo courtesy Save Our Shores.

Three of the five dirtiest cleanup sites were in San Lorenzo Valley. Not cool.

The State of Santa Cruz Beaches 2014

New Brighton State Beach, one of the county's cleanest. Hilltromper photo.

The Natural Resources Defense Council's annual water quality report on America's beaches shows some surprises from Santa Cruz County beaches.

The Cleanest Beaches in Santa Cruz County 2014

Seacliff State Beach had an almost perfect water quality record last year, according to the NRDC's 2014 Testing the Waters report. Eugene Zelenko photo.

Every year the Natural Resources Defense Council issues its Testing the Waters report. These beaches scored the highest in Santa Cruz County for water quality.

How to Save The Sea Otters

Fifth graders from Watsonville's Ann Soldo Elementary School help O'Neill Sea Odyssey instructor Celia Lara collect a seawater sample for examination. All photos by Hilltromper.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey takes kids on a marine science adventure that sticks.

Warriors Clean Up at Seabright

After the heavy lifting comes the care and feeding of fans. A Warriors player signs autographs at the March 15 Seabright beach cleanup. Photo by Alexa Lomberg.

The Santa Cruz Warriors traded in their jerseys for bright yellow “I [heart] Clean Beaches” shirts Saturday.

California Mussel-Ranchin'

Steamed mussels: good tasting, and now good for the planet too.

Next time you tuck into a bowl of moules-frites, you might be playing into a federal plan to boost the economy, ensure safe and plentiful seafood and clean up the marine environment.

Plastic Trash Art

Judith and Richard Lang have been turning beach trash into art for more than 20 years. They will be at the Sanctuary Exploration Center Wednesday evening.

Judith and Richard Lang are piecing together a beautiful solution to plastic pollution on beaches, one Capri Sun straw at a time.

2013 Coastal Cleanup Day Results

The Panther Beach cleanup crew with Patrick Adams. Photo courtesy Save Our Shores.

Three thousand volunteers and 17,000 pounds of trash later, Monterey Bay beaches are looking better.

A Water Quality Snapshot

Like a pixel in a bigger picture, Snapshot Day offers a limited but valuable look at the health of our watersheds. Hilltromper photo.

"How is our water doing?" asks Coastal Watershed Council Executive Director Greg Pepping. "The answer is always a mixed bag. In some cases we have pretty pristine water. In some places, it’s pretty dirty.”