Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

An MBoSC Challenge: Dig, Donate, Advocate

Riding a slice of trail you helped build? *That* is what it's all about. Photo by Bruce Dorman.

What's second-best to the thrill of the trail? Sustainable trailbuilding, joining the mountain biking community and talking up the sport.

Mountain Bikes on UCSC Campus

All of the super-popular single track mountain biking trails at UCSC are illegal.

RESCHEDULED: Please join us on Wednesday Jan. 29 from 6-8pm at Stevenson Event Center on the UCSC campus for a panel discussion about the super-popular illegal single track on the upper campus.

The Santa Cruz Pump Track Boom

The Aptos pump track, built by Epicenter Cycling with volunteer labor, is almost always bustling. Photo courtesy Epicenter Cycling.

With one up and running and four on the way, it's pump tracks for all!