Mystery Redwoods

The "dwarf redwoods" at Quail Hollow Ranch are 20-25 feet tall.

Are these Quail Hollow Ranch trees dwarf redwoods, or are they just stunted?

The Great Park

The San Vicente Redwoods lies in the heart of the Great Park. Photo by Karl Kroeber.

The Great Park is Sempervirens Fund’s bid to achieve its ultimate goal to preserve a fully functioning redwood ecosystem in perpetuity.

Hike The Great Park: Ocean View Summit

The view from Ocean View Summit is very similar to this one from McCrary Ridge: forested ridges leading to the sparkling Pacific. Photo by Miguel Vieira on Wikimedia Commons.

This Big Basin hike offers a stunning summit-to-sea perspective on the Great Park, a 200-square-mile swath of Santa Cruz Mountain redwood forest.

Murrelet Stars at Wings Over The Basin

Shy and small, the marbled murrelet lives most of its life at sea but nests in old-growth redwoods and Douglas firs.

The endangered seabird has found a friend in Big Basin.

Sempervirens Fund

Castle Rock State Park, designated in 1968, forms a vital piece of the Great Park envisioned by Sempervirens Fund. Photo by Phillippe Cohen.

The Folks Who Brought You Big Basin Specialists in preserving Santa Cruz Mountains redwoods, Sempervirens Fund is reassembling a Great Park from Silicon Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Join the effort now!

Video: Redwood Sapling Goes to Space

Yes, that's a young redwood tree in a plastic bottle. In space. (A screenshot from the first GoPro video of a sequoia sempervirens in the Mesosphere.)

A Santa Cruz redwood's unlikely 50-mile journey into the earth's atmosphere.

Ten Reasons to Save The Redwoods Today. No, Really. Today.

Share some greenbacks with Big Green. Photo of the Advocate Tree in Forest of Nisene Marks State Park by Hilltromper.

Sempervirens Fund is holding a one-day fundraising drive to save the redwood forest. Here are 10 reasons to join the effort.

Greg King: History of Redwoods

In 1987, Greg King spent a week in a tree in the All Species Grove, one of the ancient redwood groves within Headwaters Forest. King said, “Those spiky branches almost killed me when I careened toward them on the traverse at 20 mph, only the ascent at the other side of the ride slowing and therefore saving me." Photo courtesy Greg King.

The activist who led the struggle against Maxxam, the Fortune 500 company bent on clearcutting the Headwaters Forest in the late 1990s, reads from his forthcoming book 'The Ghost Forest.'

Top 5 Rainy Season Hikes

A banana slug inches down a tree trunk in Nisene Marks State Park. Hilltromper photo.

The best places in Santa Cruz County to go hiking in wet weather.

Rainy Day Redwood Hike

A rainy day calls for a walk under the redwoods, where the canopy shelters the trail. Nisene Marks State Park delivers. Hilltromper photo.

A perfect day at Nisene Marks.