sea otters

Elkhorn Slough Pollution Prompts Petition

Aerial view showing the Pick-n-Pull's proximity to Elkhorn Slough. Photo by Joel Avila/Hawkeye Aerial Photography.

Last winter, the Ecological Rights Foundation tested stormwater flowing into Elkhorn Slough from the nearby Pick-n-Pull and found lead and copper in the runoff. Now it wants Monterey County officials to overturn the auto dismantling facility’s recent 10-year permit renewal, citing danger to sea otter pups and other Slough inhabitants.

How to Save The Sea Otters

Fifth graders from Watsonville's Ann Soldo Elementary School help O'Neill Sea Odyssey instructor Celia Lara collect a seawater sample for examination. All photos by Hilltromper.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey takes kids on a marine science adventure that sticks.

2013 Sea Otter Awareness Week

Sea otter pair photographed by Ed Bowlby/Creative Commons

Has Sea Otter Week caught you unawares? No worries—there's plenty of fun left.

Elkhorn Slough Safari

The world's cutest marine mammal.  Photo provided by Yohn Gideon.

Otters and egrets and sea lions, oh my!

Surprise! Sea Otters Save Eelgrass

Just call them the heroes of Elkhorn Slough.