Water Supply Showcase Floats Solutions

Recycled water and temporary groundwater storage were among the attention-getting ideas at the Water Supply Showcase, hosted by the Santa Cruz Water Department.

A Water Supply for The Future

An August 2014 photo of Loch Lomond shows the "island" of Clar Innis as a peninsula after three years of drought. Hilltromper photo.

What’s being done about Santa Cruz’s water supply situation? A lot, as it turns out. Find out what possible solutions are in store at the Water Supply Showcase on Sept. 9.

Santa Cruz Water Convention Goes Online

Yesterday concluded the first ever Water Supply Ideas Convention, where over 400 people came together to review over 50 citizen submitted proposals for how to solve the Santa Cruz water crisis. However, the event only marked the beginning of the public participation phase because for the next two weeks members of the community can go online to rate the proposals