Wilder Ranch State Park

The Electric Gatorade Single Track Test: Electric Mountain Bikes and What They Mean for the Two Wheeled World

Mike Ahern and His Haibike, Photo By Daniel Merino, Hilltromper

By Daniel Merino

“It’s a big loop if you go that way, drops you out on the other side of town,” Mike said to the two partially lost riders from over the hill.

“Oh that doesn't matter, we’ve got E!”

The Old Cabin Classic Returns

Woodblock print by Campbell Steers

March 17, 2016—Ladies and gents, start your engines. And by engines, I mean legs. Mountain bike racing is back in Santa Cruz.

The Old Cabin Classic Returns

Woodblock print by Campbell Steers

Registration opens March 21 for the first mountain bike race at Wilder Ranch State Park in over 20 years.

Pumped at the Pump Track

A bunch of smiling PVHS kids at the pump track. There is no pump track in South County. Not yet. Dave Robinson photo.

Tawn Kennedy of Greenways to School has organized a group of eleven students from Pajaro Valley High School to ride the City of Santa Cruz’s pump track on the Westside. The goal is obvious: We all want the kids in South County to have more riding opportunities.

Q&A With State Parks Guide Barbara Cooksey

"I have always been interested in preserving nature, and our cultural history has always fascinated me," says Barbara Cooksey. Diane Terry photo.

State Parks Guide Barbara Cooksey answers our questions about the path that led her to volunteer at Santa Cruz area state parks—and finally to join State Parks staff at Wilder Ranch.

Wilder Ranch 40th Birthday

The Bolcoff Adobe, the oldest building at Wilder, dates back to 1840.

On Oct. 25, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks throws a party for Wilder Ranch State Park, a jewel of a park that almost became a sprawling subdivision.

GGW Going Wild!

Brittany Bolen (front) and Jennifer Joy round the bend at the March pump track session with Shine. Photo by Clay Ryon.

Two—count 'em, two!—rides this month: Pump track on May 10 and Wilder Ranch on May 18.

Twin Oaks Tromp

Sky lupine on Twin Oaks Trail, a welcome sign of spring.

Sky lupine, blue-eyed grass, checkerbloom and a bazillion poppies are out on this favorite trail of mountain bikers and hikers alike.

Heritage Festival at Wilder Ranch: 10 Reasons to Go

Wagon rides? Alrighty, then! Photo by Peg Danielson.

No. 1: Draft horses.

Vista Junkie's Trip

A 9.1-mile ride through Wilder Ranch State Park covering an elevation range of 860 feet.