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Finding Frank Norris in the Santa Cruz Mountains

A memorial to a pioneer of American literature sits unseen 10 miles west of Gilroy.

A gargantuan spiderweb hangs across the steep dirt road. It shimmers, translucent in the sunlight, slack lines nearly imperceptible. As I duck the web and trudge further up the road's corkscrew turn, the thick brush, thistle, weeds and poison oak part, revealing an ancient looking stone bench on the shoulder above the road.

Science Spotlight: Why Do Humpbacks Breach?

Scientists are unsure what drives humpback whales' exuberant displays.  NOAA photo.

by Sukee Bennett

Santa Cruz Shakespeare's New Home

Santa Cruz Shakespeare's new Audrey Stanley Grove Theater will be dedicated tonight. Mark Dammann photo.

A visit to the newly completed Grove at DeLaveaga Park promises a great first season for Santa Cruz Shakespeare.

Watershed Walk with Fred

One of the Valley's finest naturalists leads a May 28 walk at Henry Cowell. Make a reservation to go!

Top 5 Monterey Bay Discoveries

This view helps make Sunset SB a gem of the Monterey Bay, according to travel writer Stuart Thornton. Creative Commons photo.

Travel writer Stuart Thornton reveals his favorite Greater Monterey Bay discoveries while researching Moon Monterey and Carmel. He appears at Bookshop Santa Cruz on Thursday, Mar. 3 at 7pm.

5 Reasons You’re Glad Your Boo Isn’t an Alpha Male Elephant Seal

Romance time at Piedras Blancas. Photo credit to Mike Baird / Creative Commons

On elephant seal romance.

Saving Big Trees for Little Kids

Anthony Carreno, 8,  shows some style at a Santa Cruz Warriors Kids Slam Dunk Contest last night. Chip Scheuer photo.

Santa Cruz Warriors team up with Sempervirens Fund to highlight #TeamRedwoods campaign.

Why We Love Shakespeare at De La

Artist's rendering of what the new Santa Cruz Shakespeare theater at DeLaveaga Park might look like.

A Santa Cruz al fresco cultural institution deserves a great spot, and we think De Laveaga is it.

Human Visits Raucous Beach Party

Northern Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas. Human visitors stand on a boardwalk that hovers only a few feet above seals. Photo credit to Madeleine Turner.

Cast of characters include Alpha males, handsome moms, and 'super-weaners.'

Iron Woman

Schneider and team during an Eco Challenge in Australia.

Santa Cruz’s Terri Schneider brings a lifetime of extreme adventures to life in her new book.