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Mole & Mariachis

The 200-year-old Mission Adobe at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. Hilltromper photo.

On Oct. 5, a heritage festival comes to the best downtown spot you've never heard of.

The Outdoor Poet: Claire Braz-Valentine

Rim Fire in Yosemite, viewed from Tioga Road, August 2013. Photo by King of Hearts via Wikimedia Commons.

"A Blessing for Paradise," "Walking Across The Hills Looking for The Horses" and "The Pattern of Things"

The Humpy Dance

Humpbacks 'lunge feeding' in Monterey Bay last Sunday.

A whale watching trip in the Monterey Bay right now will cost you fifty bucks but will leave you a lot richer.

Pajaro Valley Native Plant Fest

Hummingbird at a salvia plant. Hummingbirds love these drought-tolerant California natives. Photo by Brita Heise / Creative Commons

Watsonville Wetlands Watch is spreading the love for drought-tolerant native plant gardens this Saturday with a festival featuring music, fun and the wisdom of Richard Merrill.

The Outdoor Poet: Katherine Hastings

Wolf House Ruins at Jack London State Historic Park. Photo by Jerrye and Roy Klotz MD/Creative Commons

Poems from the editor of the anthology 'What Redwoods Know: Poems from California State Parks.'

2013 Sea Otter Awareness Week

Sea otter pair photographed by Ed Bowlby/Creative Commons

Has Sea Otter Week caught you unawares? No worries—there's plenty of fun left.

O'Neill Yacht Charters Hooks Hilltrompers

Our entertainer on the O'Neill Yacht Charter, Mr. Al Frisby. Photo by Michael Roberts.

A Wednesday evening cruise on the O'Neill catamaran is just what the doctor ordered.

Enviros Cheer Logging Rule Exemption

A law relaxing timber regulations in California will not include the Santa Cruz Mountains. Photo by Fir0002 / Wikimedia Commons.

A new law relaxing public oversight of timber harvest plans will not apply to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Heading Back Out

Morning came early on the first day back in the water after five dry years. Sally Smith-Weymouth photo.

Observations from a woman surfer returning to the line-up.

Blue-Footed Boobies Glimpsed in Santa Cruz

A blue-footed booby photographed in the Galapagos Islands by Nicolas de Camaret (Creative Commons license).

A bizarre "invasion" of blue-footed boobies into southern California has extended north in recent days, with at least four of the odd-looking seabirds spotted around Monterey Bay since Sunday.