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Elkhorn Slough Safari

The world's cutest marine mammal.  Photo provided by Yohn Gideon.

Otters and egrets and sea lions, oh my!

Monterey Bay Birding Festival: A Beginner's Bird Walk

Birds sure have good taste in real estate. Photo by Maria Grusauskas.

Birding for everyone...

Pumas at PechaKucha

Veronica Yovovich explains the wide-spanning range of mountain lions.  Photo provided by Brendan Bane.

Among local historians and whale photographers, a member of the Santa Cruz Puma Project reached out to the Santa Cruz community at last Friday's PechaKucha night.

Carbon Offsets for Birding?

Nice place for a bird, right? The common cuckoo thought so. Thank Watsonville Wetlands Watch for rehabbing what used to be an ag field. Hilltromper photo.

Birding, oddly enough, can be tough on the environment, what with all that driving and flying. But Scott Smithson's got an idea: why not ask traveling birders to donate to groups doing habitat restoration?

Boony Doon Gets Cemex Access Preview

The 8,500-acre site of the old Cemex cement plant and quarry was preserved in the north coast's largest land-protection deal. Photo by William Matthias.

The atmosphere was more country club social than town hall meeting last night as representatives from the Cemex Redwood partnership met with members of the Rural Bonny Doon Association to explain the ins and outs of choosing public access points.

The Outdoor Poet: Len Anderson

Tuolumne Meadow in Yosemite. Photo by Hilltromper.

Four poems from the co-founder of Poetry Santa Cruz.

It Takes a Village

Laureen and Boogie Bill—reunited after 25 years.

Surfer girl finds love and money at Pleasure Point.

The Outdoor Poet: Beau Blue

The view from the studio at The Oak Grove. Photo courtesy the poet.

Beau Blue (aka JJ Webb) has lived and worked in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the past 30-plus years.

The Outdoor Poet: Richard Levine

Clear Lake, California. Photo by C Fang/Wikimedia Commons.

The Oakland-based poet and magazine writer muses upon a birthday in a lovely place.

Surprise! Sea Otters Save Eelgrass

Just call them the heroes of Elkhorn Slough.