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Whales Almost Eat Divers

Shawn Stamback was diving with a friend off the coast of Morro Bay when he noticed thousands of sardines rushing around him. Seconds later two humpback whales exploded out of the water, missing him and his diving buddy by a few feet. "I was right in the middle of the meatball," he said later.

The Outdoor Poet: Evelyn A. So

From the Bay Area poet, 'Irises' and 'Shall We Gather by The Sea.'

Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail Report

Skyline to the Sea Trail overlooking Waddell Beach. Hilltromper photo.

Thinking about hiking the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail? Read this first.

The Outdoor Poet: Gary Young

Gary Young, Santa Cruz County Poet Laureate and Artist of the Year

Prose poems by the county's first poet laureate.

PNW Bike Blog

Bike Camp PNW. Photo by Carl Uebelhart.

Carl Uebelhart's journey to the San Juan Islands and beyond.

The Outdoor Poet: Dana Gioia

Photo by Jeremy Ginsberg/Creative Commons.

Two by the poet, onetime Jell-o ad man and former NEA chair.

Hot Day Cures

Tom 'n' Jerry and Esther Williams keep their cool in 'Dangerous When Wet,' a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film from 1953.

Five ways to stay cool in a Santa Cruz heat wave.

Two Local Authors Featured in National Geographic

Illustration by Dana Berry/National Geographic.

Science writer Rob Irion describes our solar system’s chaotic origins, and novelist Jonathan Franzen illustrates the slaughter of migratory birds.

The Outdoor Poet: David Swanger

The fin of a humpback whale surfaces just feet from a kayaker. Photo by Diane Wallace.

The county's Poet Laureate recalls the great humpback event of 2011.

Mermen at Pleasure Point