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The Outdoor Poet: Monika Rose

From the Gold Country poet, "Deer in The Road" and "Lizard."

Blogging Naturalist: Morgan Dill

To her surprise, this soap plant bloom opened when author Morgan Dill touched it. Photo by Morgan Dill.

The one-night-only performance of the flowering soap plant.

The Outdoor Poet: William Minor

Two by the Monterey poet: "Snowy Egret Cove" and "Full Moon."

Blogging Naturalist: Daniel Williford

Yellow rock-rose thrives on dry, sunny slopes from Mendocino to San Diego. Photo by Daniel Williford.

California's only native rock-rose is blooming in Henry Cowell right now. Park interpreter Daniel Williford tells us what the yellow rock-rose is and where to find it.

GGW @ The Ranch

The Girls Gone Wilder and their studs on May 18, 2014. Left to right: Megan, DJay, Joh, Dr Wendy, Alyse, Brigitte, Angela, Sabine.

A day of pedaling, girl time, beer and shopping.

Kids of Summer

Summer camp reconnects kids with nature. Photo courtesy Museum of Natural History.

Summer camp rocks. Here are some that your young'uns will love.

The Outdoor Poet: Neal Whitman

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, by Jef Poskanzer

From the Pacific Grove poet, "Ocean Gifts" and "The Sky Has No Borders."

GGW Going Wild!

Brittany Bolen (front) and Jennifer Joy round the bend at the March pump track session with Shine. Photo by Clay Ryon.

Two—count 'em, two!—rides this month: Pump track on May 10 and Wilder Ranch on May 18.

A Wild Bird, A Feral Cat and The Nature of Things

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you're helping or harming a wild animal.

Ten Reasons to Save The Redwoods Today. No, Really. Today.

Share some greenbacks with Big Green. Photo of the Advocate Tree in Forest of Nisene Marks State Park by Hilltromper.

Sempervirens Fund is holding a one-day fundraising drive to save the redwood forest. Here are 10 reasons to join the effort.