Hilltromper is Back! Learn About the Reboot

The rebirth of our guide to the great outdoors is featured on California Local.

Dec. 13, 2023—Note: Hey Hilltrompers! Co-founder Eric Johnson here, happy to be publishing this article about how our friend Mike Kahn is bringing our beloved online community back together. Traci Hukill says hi! (If this note is confusing, read on and follow the link.)

"In a world rife with chaos and drama, it’s possible to forget just how cleansing and rejuvenating a simple hike in the woods can be. Or a bicycle ride along a winding mountain trail. Or a dip in a scenic swimming hole. Gazing at a waterfall or catching a wave and riding it to shore. Getting outdoors and letting Mother Nature work her magic is an amazing way to improve your overall wellness and untether from the emails, newsfeeds and endless, mind-numbing scrolling."

"That’s one of the driving ideas behind Hilltromper, a resurrected online guide to help people explore the outdoors and connect with others. The online resource currently serves Santa Cruz County—one of the top outdoor destinations in the country—as well as Silicon Valley, which, while best known as a technology hub, is an outdoor oasis, surrounded by dozens of world-class parks and recreational opportunities."

Learn about the vision of Hilltromper's founders and the plans of the new managing director, Mike Kahn, to connect people to nature.

Read the article, “Hilltromper Reboots for Fun in the Santa Cruz Mountains, etc.,” over on California Local-Santa Cruz County (or read it on California Local-Santa Clara County). On a related note, Hilltromper is proud to be a new member of the California Local Media Alliance, helping us reach an even wider audience.