Ultimate October Weekend

You've heard of rogue waves? There's a rogue weekend headed straight for our heads—a weekend so freakishly fun, so supernaturally entertaining that we may never be the same again.

The weekend of October 12-13 includes some multi-day goodies, like the three-day Santa Cruz Super Enduro and two days of Open Studios - South County.

It includes two events inspired by the night sky: the Out of This World family moon-viewing party at Props in Watsonville on Friday and Moon and Stargazing at Quail Hollow on Saturday.

It has two gardening events! The Arboretum Fall Plant Sale on Saturday and Woodland Gardening at Quail Hollow for people who live under the redwoods but want flowers anyway.

It has an explosion of fun on the Westside on Sunday in the form of Santa Cruz Open Streets on West Cliff Drive from 9am to 2pm, Welcome Back Monarchs Day at Natural Bridges State Park from 10am to 4pm and Girls Gone Wilder departing from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing at 3pm.

See? Rogue weekend! Big huge fun! And that's not even all! See the rest for yourself on our Hilltromper Events channel. And—good luck out there.