Orion ShoreView

By Clark Tate

Having a super power—say, zoom vision—would be the best. Spy a snowy egret from afar? Zoom. Suddenly the lovely bird is so close your breath should be ruffling its feathers. But what if you're no Superman?

Consider compensating for mortal limitations with a pair of Orion ShoreView 8x42 binoculars. They meet all the standard recommendations for a solid pair of specs, are very reasonably priced at $79.99, and are waterproof to boot.

For birdwatching, whale-watching and other wildlife viewing, Consumer Search’s binocular-buying guide recommends the 8x42 setup, meaning objects will appear 8 times closer, and that the lenses furthest from your eyes measure 42mm. Stronger magnifications (such as 10x42) can amplify hand movement and shrink the field of view for finding feathered friends. Shoreview’s field of view at 1,000 yards is 356.3 feet, well above the 300 feet considered a minimum. The 42mm lens works in lower light without being too bulky, and a clever roof prism system keeps the Shoreview’s body svelte.

Multi-coated lenses improve brightness, contrast, and color accuracy, and a center focus knob with an adjustable diopter makes it easy to account for the focusing differences between your eyes.

And they’re tough. The shock-resistant, rubber armored, polycarbonate housing is nitrogen purged and sealed, rendering it waterproof and beach approved.

In short the Shoreview might change your world view; a little Clark Kent for your Superman.

BONUS: If, like Clark Kent, you wear glasses, you’re in luck. The 18mm eye relief provided allows you to focus through the binocs while sporting your spectacles.

Learn more, or get yourself a pair of ShoreView Binoculars, from our friends at Orion.