The Outdoor Poet: Pegatha Hughes


On a wooded cliff above the sea
we set up easels. Watch out, we laugh.
Our path runs near the edge.

We size up wave-tossed grandeur
with finger frames.
Fog releases and grey turns blue.

Shadows slide along a sloping cypress
reveal contours in stripes and spills,
appear on canvas in blue and umber.

In the shaded grove trees lean into sun
above stumps of others taken with a saw.
Our path runs near the edge.

About The Author Pegatha Hughes, a native of Rochester, New York, retired from arts administration in Minneapolis and moved to California in 2006, where she continues active involvement in poetry and painting. She leads a Meet-up plein aire painting group, as well as the Life-long Learners New Yorker Poetry Group. Her poems have appeared in numerous Minnesota poetry journals. Her first book of poetry, Painting the Sun, came out last year.

The Outdoor Poet is edited by Robert Sward, author of numerous books of poetry including, most recently, New and Selected Poems: 1957-2011 (Red Hen Press). He lives on the Westside with his wife, the artist Gloria Alford, and a poodle mix named Cosette. Participation in The Outdoor Poet is by invitation.

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