Reasons to Be An 'On The Spot' Docent


Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History's "On The Spot" series of pop-up interpretive stations will educate the public about whales and other marine mammals, birds, marine ecology and coastal stewardship.

by Hilltromper staff

June 13, 2014—This summer the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History will launch a series of pop-up interpretive stations along East Cliff Drive. Kids, parents, neighbors and tourists will get the chance to peer at marine wildlife through spotting scopes and learn about coastal ecology through games and activities. The On The Spot program, as it's called, is a partnership with the Coastal Conservancy aimed at making better coastal stewards of us all.

What does this have to do with you? On The Spot needs docents. Here are some reasons you might want to consider joining up:

1. Whale-Watching Will Be Part of Your Job. Imagine how envious your friends and family will be when you casually mention at supper that you saw five breaching humpbacks that day. Through a spotting scope, so you really got a good look. Sea otters, harbor seals, birds and dolphins will be your back-up plan if the whales are feeling shy that day.

2. Happy People. The pop-up stations will be positioned between the Santa Cruz Harbor and the San Lorenzo River. What does that mean? Seabright Beach. What does that mean? It means the people you'll be interacting with will probably be in a pretty good mood.

3. Our Mother, The Earth. She'll thank you for your service. By sharing knowledge and enthusiasm about the coastal ecosystem with John Q. Public, you'll be engaging new and future ocean stewards. That's top-notch karma.

4. The Training Includes A Kayaking Adventure!

5. Perks for Volunteers. There will be enrichment trips and training opportunities, plus probably donuts and stuff like that. Oh—and the warm, happy feeling you get from contributing to your community.

INTERESTED? You can learn more and apply on the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History's On The Spot page. Orientation is Wednesday, June 18 at 6:30pm, but if you can't make it, don't despair–there will be other opportunities to jump in.