Redwood Grove Loop Trail


.8 miles; 30 min; easy

Along this wide, pleasant wheelchair-accessible path meandering beneath the ancient forest canopy, you’ll see the best a redwood forest has to offer: trees hundreds of feet tall, the familial circles of redwoods known as “fairy rings,” trunks hollowed out by fire and even an albino redwood (look for the #14 marker on the trail). In winter you might see banana slugs on the trail; in summertime this cool, shady grove offers respite from the heat.

To get to the loop trailhead, take the park headquarters entrance and park in the lot. The trailhead is right across from the excellent and very informative Visitor Center, where you can pick up a self-guided tour brochure for 25 cents. Chock full of information about the native flora and fauna, it’s a quarter well spent.

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