The Yeti SB75 at Bicycle Trip

by Hilltromper staff

It's been a couple of big years since Yeti launched its SB platform with Switch Technology—a unique eccentric-cam suspension that kinda rocked the world.

The newly released SB75, which arrived at the Bicycle Trip a couple months back, offers Switch Technology built around 27.5" wheels—and early reviews indicate that it's the best SB yet.

Matt Philips of loves it:

"I'm familiar with both the SB66 and the SB95 and like both very much, but I feel the 75 is the best of the three," Phillips writes. "Quicker and more playful than the 95, and easier to ride and less descent-oriented than the 66, it strikes a middle ground that I personally love."

Team Yeti reports that the SB75, which features five inches of travel, "holds true to our progressive geometry (slacker head angles, lower bottom bracket, longish top tubes). The climbing prowess of this bike is rooted in the Switch Technology: super-efficient with great small-bump compliance."

The 75 was mainly about more-efficient pedaling, but, according to Phillips, the bike rocks when the gravity is on. "Turn downhill and the suspension opens up... it works better the harder you push it.

"The 75 tractors over loose and ledgy climbs, and didn't bog when I punched it up and over obstacles."

WrenchScience explains how Yeti's Switch Technology works, and concludes that it really does work:

"The Switch Link suspension design carries over from other bikes in the Super Bike (SB) lineup as well, with the main pivot mounted on an eccentric that rotates counter-clockwise in the beginning of the bike’s travel and then rotates clockwise during the last portion of the shock stroke. This give the SB75 a bottomless feel when your on the gas!"

You can find the Yeti SB75, along with a bunch of other awesome gear, at Bicycle Trip.

Totally geek out on Yeti Switch Technology with this video.