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New Big Basin Redwoods State Park Plan Incorporates Public Input

Exploring the Redwood Loop Trail, Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Credit: Mike Kahn.

Following the devastation of the CZU Fire, you have an opportunity to join the historic process of shaping the future of the oldest State Park in California.

Life in the Intertidal Zone

Bat star in a tide pool. Credit: Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Editor's note: The next king tide in the Santa Cruz area takes place on Friday, Feb. 9. Tide pool viewing will be extra-good from Wednesday through the weekend.

Flash Flooding Damages Wilder Ranch State Park: Support Needed

Screenshot of photos from Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks' Facebook post about Wilder Ranch flood damage. See below for full post.
This week's significant rainstorm caused flash flooding and damage to Wilder Ranch State Park. Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks seeks support for recovery efforts. 

Top TikTok Nature Trends – Health Benefits and Potential Pitfalls

Connecting with nature, literally. Credit: Mike Kahn

Explore how TikTok's outdoor activity trends connect people to nature, with all its health benefits, and how that balances with conservation of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Clean Water & Wildfire Protection Ballot Initiative Effort Launched

Glenwood lupine landscape. Credit: Vote YES Water and Wildfire Protection

Measure Will Address Critical Environmental and Climate Resilience Issues

Retracing the Portolá Expedition's 'Discovery' of SF Bay

View of San Andreas Lake and San Francisco Bay from the Portolá "Discovery" site on Sweeney Ridge, GGNRA. Credit: Samuel Herzberg

The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail will run the length of San Mateo County and include Indigenous representation, which some tribal leaders feel is an afterthought.

Chinese Pioneers and the Santa Cruz Mountains Industrial Past

One of two photographs of Chinese railroad workers in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Credit: California Historical Society

Next time you go on a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains, look for remnants of its industrial past and Chinese pioneers from over a century ago.

Why isn’t Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument Open Yet?

While the park is not open to the public yet, visitors can take part in guided hikes. Credit: Zachary Ormsby, Bureau of Land Management

By Naomi Friedland

Oct. 11 2023— Local residents have been anticipating the opening of Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument, the largest onshore piece of the California Coastal National Monument, which was established by Pres. Barack Obama in 2017.

Jewish New Year Outside: Nature as a Vessel for Spirituality

Volunteers prepare The Greenhouse Project space for the Jewish New Year. Photo credit: Chel Mandell

Tzimtzum Collective, an innovative Santa Cruz Jewish organization collaborates with The Greenhouse Project to bring Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, outdoors.

Castle Rock State Park Expands Thanks to Major Purchase from Sempervirens Fund

Celebrating the breathtaking view at Castle Rock State Park. Photo copyright Mike Kahn.

By Naomi Friedland