Eco News

Land Trust Buys Star Creek Ranch

Overhead view of Star Creek Ranch by Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. Photo credit: William K Matthias.

Dec. 20, 2012—A stunning 1,200-acre piece of grassland, oak woodland and redwood forest in the Pajaro Hills will remain forever undeveloped, anchoring a greenbelt in eastern Santa Cruz County and filling in a crucial wildlife corridor—and it's all thanks to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County.

Capitola Bans Plastic Bags

Dec. 14, 2012—The Capitola City Council put Cuteness-by-the-Sea on track last night to become the third city in Santa Cruz County to ban single-use plastic bags. The last holdout is Scotts Valley.

Go-Pro Goes Deep

GoPro diver swims among his fishy friends.

In maybe the coolest commercial ever, GoPro—which until last year was headquartered in Half Moon Bay—shows off its dive camera.

Bald Eagle Pair Gone Missing

Bald Eagle seen in a fir tree in March of 2012. Photo by Sarah Lenz.

Bird enthusiasts are worried that the first nesting pair of bald eagles seen on the San Francisco Peninsula in nearly a century has pulled up stakes.