Eco News

Someone Please Help This Wall!

A mural contest to spruce up this retaining wall ends March 27.

Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks is holding a mural design contest to spruce up the Mission Street wall at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. Designs are due by 5pm on March 27.

The Old Cabin Classic Returns

Woodblock print by Campbell Steers

Registration opens March 21 for the first mountain bike race at Wilder Ranch State Park in over 20 years.

Turns Out, Male Elephant Seals Know Each Other's Voices

A male elephant seal rises and roars, telling other males to scat. Photo credit to Frank Schulenburg

Caroline Casey's recent research on Northern male elephant seals led to a neat discovery—males recognize each other's calls, leading them to play it safe during fights.

Fish Walk on the San Lorenzo

Aquatic Entomologist Barry Burt Shows the White Underbelly of the Female Steelhead Trout

Steelhead and coho play key roles in our coastal ecosystem. Learn all about them on a March 19 walk through Henry Cowell with Barry Burt of the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project.

Stop the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Hunt 

An Open Letter to Pres. Barack Obama

The Bird School Project

An SLV Middle School student records his observations for Bird School.

How two college buddies from UC-Santa Cruz turned their passion for natural history into an outlet for middle school students to plug into the great outdoors.

Saving the Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander

Adult Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander, observed at Ellicott Slough. Photo credit to Matthew Slater and Pacific Southwest Region USFWS

In the winter of 2015, drought conditions made the outlook for the Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander breeding season bleak indeed—until dedicated Fish & Wildlife Service staffers intervened.

Donations Doubled for Wildlife Crossing

A male puma pictured near Highway 17 in August 2014. Pathways for Wildlife photo.

Donate $100 to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County's Wildlife Crossing campaign and help a mountain lion find a mate who isn't his cousin.

Elephant Seal Pup Rescue

Too young to swim, this female elephant seal pup washed up the beach near Waddell last week. Doug Ross photo.

A volunteer with the Marine Mammal Center rescues a helpless elephant seal pup stranded on the beach between a rock and a sharky place.

Migration Celebration at Sanctuary Center

Sooty shearwaters and a humpback whale at Lighthouse Point, from a work-in-progress by Doug Ross.

'Live print' with Doug Ross at Sanctuary Exploration Center on First Friday.