Eco News

National Monument on Capitol Hill

Rick Cooper of BLM welcomes a CCC crew made up of young veterans to a trail-building event at Coast Dairies on Saturday, Oct. 3. Photo courtesy Conservation Lands Foundation

Cotoni-Coast Dairies gets first Senate subcommittee hearing Thursday, Oct. 8

Life and Death in The Intertidal Zone

A healthy purple ochre sea star (Pisaster ochraceus). Photo courtesy Monica Moritsch

As the mysterious sea star wasting syndrome shows, life ebbs and flows in the tide pools around Santa Cruz.

Big Basin Founders' Day

Self-portrait of photographer-turned-activist A.P. Hill, who helped found the Sempervirens Club and save the last big trees in Big Basin.

Celebrate California's first state park and the start of the modern conservation movement this Saturday at Big Basin.

The Economics of Solar

SolarCity, which went public in 2012, is the largest and fastest-growing solar company in the world. Photo courtesy NASDAQ.

There’s a powerful force driving growth in the solar energy industry: affordability.

3rd Mole & Mariachi Festival

Six chefs will bring their best to the Mole & Mariachi Festival on Saturday, Sept. 19, so festivalgoers would be wise to eat a small breakfast. Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks photo.

Year Three is a charm as the popular Mole & Mariachi Festival adds more musical acts and home chefs to the party at the Santa Cruz Mission Adobe.

Water Supply Showcase Floats Solutions

Recycled water and temporary groundwater storage were among the attention-getting ideas at the Water Supply Showcase, hosted by the Santa Cruz Water Department.

A Water Supply for The Future

An August 2014 photo of Loch Lomond shows the "island" of Clar Innis as a peninsula after three years of drought. Hilltromper photo.

What’s being done about Santa Cruz’s water supply situation? A lot, as it turns out. Find out what possible solutions are in store at the Water Supply Showcase on Sept. 9.

Stalking The Giant Sycamore

The Western sycamores at Henry Cowell are notable for their height and mass.  Hilltromper photo.

A unique combination of factors makes Henry Cowell home to the world's largest Western sycamores. Sorry, redwoods—you're not the only arboreal recordholders in these-here hills!

Can Solar Save the World?

Solar City Chairman Elon Musk in Sun Valley Idaho, July 2015. Photo by Thomas Hawk / CC. While he's famous for supercars and rockets, his innovations in the energy marketplace may prove to be his biggest win.

Bill McKibben: “The energy revolution, instead of happening piecemeal, over decades, could take place fast enough to actually help an overheating planet.”

How Do You Mend A Broken Part?

Peter Julber of Santa Cruz Gear Repair readies 'The Beast' for action. Julber's shop mends tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, even leather jackets.

You don’t have to throw away ripped tents, busted backpacks and torn raincoats anymore. The newly opened Santa Cruz Gear Repair—the only outdoor gear repair shop in the Monterey Bay and South Bay areas—fixes them all.